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Warrior Two

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On sunny days we may feel a light in our spirit and on rainy days we may feel that light has been dimmed.

Just as the seasons change without our permission, life tends to do the same. In our core teachings we have found that letting go of things we simply cannot control is sometimes the best decision we can make for our life.


When we step onto our yoga mat, we open our heart and our spirit to peace and serenity. We bring awareness to our body and mind through yoga, meditation, and pranayama. With this awareness we understand peace and serenity is within us, not beyond us.

When we step off our mat and walk back into the Ebb of life’s many seasons and movements, we can access the gifts we find while on the mat. We begin to understand that we can Flow through our life with a peaceful ease no matter the circumstance we find ourselves in.

Our hope as yoga teachers is to share the gifts of our teachings with all that seek to find an inner peace or a way to heal from the things that may be harming them. Endowing the beauty of choice to those who seek this peace and relief is my greatest privilege.

We offer Awakening Flow, Lengthen & Stretch, Power & Tone, Recovery Yoga,Hot Power Flow, Mat Pilates, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and more!

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