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Masha Power

Masha began her yoga journey in 2005. She studied Ashtanga yoga with a renowned teacher Kathy McNames at Yoga Vermont, and believes Ashtanga is the purest form of yoga, as it inspires concentration through discipline, calming the mind, and breathing. As many retired athletes, she struggled with serious injuries and decided to focus on therapeutic effects of yoga and styles that encourage steady recovery. Along with Gentle Yoga, Nidra, Yin Yoga, and Restorative

Masha is a nutrition and food scientist; she earned her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Vermont where she conducted research on effects of cinnamon extract in pre-diabetes. Continuing her journey in wellness, Masha became a Certified Health Coach through Duke Integrative Medicine. Masha loves sharing her knowledge by promoting nutrition and wellness through workshops, educational sessions, health coaching, and cooking classes for
kids and adults.

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Kandi Pipp

Kandi is an E-RYT-200, RYT-500.

Kandi's love for yoga started when she stepped onto the mat in 2007 when she was beginning her recovery from drugs and alcohol. There was healing that took place when she was on the mat. Even though she didn't understand it, she returned to the mat, surrendering to the practice over and over again. This helped her to rebuild and reestablish her life. Kandi knew that she wanted to go deeper. This desire led her to the Lotus Pond where she took her 200-hour teacher training.


During the training, Kandi realized that there was so much more to yoga than the poses! There is a healing that takes place without our permission and Kandi has been able to take her teachings and go into treatment centers all throughout the Tampa/Brandon area. Kandi also attended a sound healing class and added the benefits of crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls to some of her classes. As she saw the need for more people to have access to yoga, she started her 300-hour teacher training at the Lotus pond. 


In 2017 Kandi started a “Yoga For Recovery” class at The Ancient Wisdom of Yoga. It was in this class that Kandi realized that Yoga is For Everyone! Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about how you feel when you step off the mat. Kandi's classes connect the breath with the body, inviting you to be present in each moment.


She encourages people to find their pace, flow with what feels comfortable in their body, while at the same time challenging themselves to completely let go of all thoughts while on the mat. All of the judgments, fears, worries, etc, so that when students are done with the class they are able to step off the mat a little lighter, a little more peaceful, tranquil, with compassion in their heart. 


Shalia Spears

What Shalia loves most about yoga is the non-judgmental, all-accepting mindset that this practice cultivates both on and off the mat. Shalia first began taking yoga classes in 2009. Little did she know that the experience would have such a profound impact on her life.


Through yoga, she was able to find steadiness and ease of mind, body, and breath. She finally was able to live in the moment. Wanting to share these benefits with others and expand her own practice, she completed the 200-hour training in 2018. Still thirsting for knowledge, she completed the 300-hour training in 2019.


Her desire is to assist people with the knowledge and strength to face each day with a positive intention, a calm mind, and a smile on their faces.


Kim Ballingham

Kim is a 200-HR RYT and a Level 3 Reiki Practioner. She grew up in Ogden, Utah, and moved to the area for all of the adventures it brings. Kim worked as a Registered Nurse for many years and now teaches yoga in the Tampa Bay Area.


She enjoys traveling with her family, gardening orchids, walking her golden retriever, hanging with her cats, and doing a lot of yoga.  Kim grew up playing a lot of different sports and participating in different physical activities. After many injuries, Kim took up yoga and has never looked back. Kim studied and received her 200-HR RYT Certificate at Karma Yoga in 2019. 


Nichole Mullen

Nichole Mullen is the Founder of Soul Shop Yoga, a TEDx Speaker, Mindfulness Teacher, student and life strategist who is driven by a passion to heal the mind. Nichole attended The Lotus Pond for her 200-HR RYT training and her Yin Certification in 2013. She became 200-HR  E-RYT with 1,000 hours in teaching in 2021. 


She takes a panoptic approach to help people create a thriving future for themselves. She has been challenged and blessed with an abundance of healing experiences along her journey. 


It is her life’s purpose to help those with a chaotic mind find peace and obtain bliss. Healing is possible for all souls with mindfulness.


Jorden Hindrichsen

An arborist by trade, Jorden became enamored with yoga in her college years. In undergrad, a roommate introduced her to yoga in their shag carpet living room, couches pushed back, contemporary piano playing in the background. 


During the stressful years of graduate school, yoga practice became an escape and meditation became a habit. Toward the end of her graduate assistantship, Jorden found and enrolled at Mojo Fit Studio in Fargo, ND. She finished her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in December 2017 and began teaching in January 2018. 


Good fortune brought her back to Florida in November 2019. As a plant junky and yoga teacher, her dream for yoga practice and teaching is to remember that, like a seed, everyone has the stuff inside them that they need to grow. And they will if you bless them with your patience.



Valerie Muse

Valerie has her 200 HR Yoga Training. She is a homeschool mother of two.  After a few difficult life experiences, she found herself needing ways to balance between her children, homeschooling, family, and the growth one experiences through life challenging events.  While learning a multitude of skills to handle everyday life, the one skill that stood true to her needs was yoga. 


As Valerie dived deeper into her yoga practice to balance the ever shifting changes that life brought her; she realized that she wanted and needed to teach this skill to others. She believes yoga is a science that allows us to be more equipped to handle the stresses of everyday life. Valerie's passion and love for yoga, and the healing qualities it has on the body and soul, shows through when she practices.

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Susie Francos

Susie first found yoga while completing her clinical rotations as a dental hygiene student. Every morning before seeing patients, her teacher would lead a ten-minute practice to help balance the day. It was then when Susie realized that yoga should be a daily essential practice. As her hygiene career kept growing, so did her practice.


"It doesn't matter who you are, yoga will make you a better person."

Susie completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017.  She’s taught in various yoga studios and residential buildings around the DC metropolitan area. She recently returned to her home state of Florida and is excited to use yoga as a way to immerse herself in her new community. Susie creates a comfortable space for her students to explore within themselves.

She creates her classes with bumping beats and a vinyasa influence flow.


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Jennifer Jenkover

Jennifer began practicing yoga in 2011. She initially practiced hot yoga and eventually transitioned to various yoga styles. She received her 200 RYT certification in 2019. 


Jennifer loves yoga, scuba and speech pathology. She is amazed how the loves of her life all revolve around breathing, a life-sustaining force. In yoga, breathing aligns movement and mindfulness while defining space and stillness in the mind and body. In scuba, breath control is necessary to remain calm and focused. In speech pathology, breath gives life to voice and speech which allow us to communicate and connect to one another. 


In her home practice and when teaching, she uses music and breathing to cultivate a flow of movement. Coming to the yoga mat means finding space to be intentional, curious, and playful. Taking yoga off the mat encourages us to live our intentions.


Denise Papajorgji

Denise has been a lifelong advocate of health and fitness including group exercise, yoga and Pilates. She started teaching in 2011 as a group fitness instructor in Tallahassee from where she received her Master’s degree in International Affairs. She was surrounded by passionate and educated fitness professionals who made her love of health and fitness as a lifestyle grow much deeper.


In 2015, her self-discipline and passion for a new way to access the heart and the mind
of her students, led her to Yoga Loft in Tampa, where she completed
her RYT 200HR teacher training. Yoga has taught Denise patience, how to breathe, meditate, self-love and share with others the true meaning behind “Truth, Faith, Love & Compassion for Self and Others”. 


Since then, under the lenses of her own devoted curiosity, Denise’s practice evolved even deeper. In 2019, Denise discovered reformer Pilates and became a 500HR certified reformer Pilates instructor through Club Pilates. She now enjoys teaching the classical Pilates method and Hot Yoga flows to help others find strength, flexibility, balance and a deeper
understanding of their own bodies.